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Contino Mazuelo

07 Jul 2022
Mi vino

Contino Mazuelo Don Vicente wine tasting by Antonio Candelas from Mi Vino magazine.

“An increasingly widespread option in Rioja. This variety is not only part of the red mix, it is also made as a monovarietal.

In this case, the grape comes from the most alluvial part of the Contino vineyard, which, as you know, is located in an idyllic meander of the Ebro river. It has a delicate floral profile. The 16-month aging in new and second-used barrels is perfectly balanced and integrated.

Spicy background with great depth. Fine in nuances and texture. Although there is a lot of varietal character, the aromas from the soil are present at all times. Fresh, harmonious and with an exceptional capacity for aging.”

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